‘Tap aviation, aeronautics for career’

Nagpur: Aviation and aeronautics are the fields that need to be tapped by youngsters as there are plenty of opportunities to make a career, said Ujjwal Thengdi, director of ABC Aviation Business Consultancy, on Friday.
He was speaking at a programme organized by Branovative Marketing Company to create awareness about aeronautics, at Sai Sabhagruh, Shankar Nagar.

Thengdi urged the parents to let their child learn aeronautics and aviation as there is a lot of scope in those fields. Very few people know that a lot of vacancies exist for want of trained professionals, he added.

Ramesh Joshi, an aero-modeller and aeronautics instructor, said youngsters should choose these fields as the job offers a lot of money. Salaries of pilots and aeronautics engineers are handsome. Importantly, it is a challenging job youngsters should take up, he said.

As part of awareness programme, students trained by Joshi demonstrated various aero designs and models. Maheshwar Dhone, a student of Std X, showcased his skills on an indoor aero-model designed by him.
19/01/20 Times of India

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