Aviation industry needs 1 million recruits in 20 years

Between now and 2034 around 560,000 pilots and 610,000 technicians will be needed worldwide in the aviation sector, according to industry projections form aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The Asia Pacific region will see the biggest increase in demand over the coming 20 years, both in terms of pilots as maintenance workers – more than a third of the demand worldwide. In a recent research report by Cavok, the aviation consultant arm of Oliver Wyman, a forecast finds that over the coming ten years the worldwide aircraft fleet will grow by an average 3.7% annually. The fleet will thereby grow from nearly 24,000 planes in 2015 to a total of around 34,400 plans in 2025. According to the consultants, particularly the Asian fleet is expected to see rapid growth over the coming decade – with an expected growth rate of 6.1%, thereby accounting for an addition of 5,200 planes.
21/09/15 Consultancy.uk

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    October 9, 2015 at 10:43 am

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