‘Middle Eastern airlines sucking talent out of India’

Dubai: Airlines in the Middle East are sucking up the talent out of India leading to a dearth of qualified and competent people back home, a leading industry executive has said.
According to Ravi Menon, the executive director of Air Works, a Mumbai-based aircraft maintenance company, the biggest risk to the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) space or aviation space is a lack of qualified and competent people. Indian airlines currently opt to go abroad for much of the maintenance work on their planes.
“In the last two months, we as an organisation saw 12 key personnel resign to move to Qatar,” Menon told The National.
Airlines in the Middle East are sucking up the talent out of India, he said.
According to him, there are schools but those schools are perhaps more theoretical in their approach rather than an element of practical training.
17/02/14 PTI/Financial Express

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  1. MD
    February 20, 2014 at 4:00 am

    Let the Airlines pay the price for having no foresight at all by their corrupt ways of recruiting by means of bribe and favoritism. How many talented and qualified people have been sidelined because they don’t have the money to pay bribe or some god father in the airline or politics?? Like many other airlines in the world why can’t they hire qualified and talented freshers, train them and retain them under a bond for few years?

  2. February 23, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    We said I think airlines deserves this I think they should close Air India down as it is not making any profit in last 25 years

  3. vishgold
    February 27, 2014 at 5:40 am

    When Mr. Menon says they are sucking talent out of India, then why doesn’t he think once that how many opportunities are created or offered to the experienced Indian aviation personnels every year.
    There are hundreds and thousands of aviation mechanics graduating every quarter and they are going no where – just because there are only few aviation jobs at the moment open. And even if there are any then those are booked by the highly influential fat guys holding there some relation over the MP and MLA’s. So this is the scenario Mr. Menon. Government promises bla bla bla MRO will open shortly and things will be right, but common its been a decade we have been listening to this and there are no facilities upcoming. The queswtion remains why ??
    And then they say India airlines has opted to to the major maintenance abroad – who knows this migght be one of the reasons to earn some extra money for the influential board members and finally concluding the airlines is running in loss.
    Wake up you white collars !!

  4. D Suven
    March 2, 2014 at 6:42 am

    With due respect my question to Ravi Menon Sir,

    First of all, it is a request to recruit the people in a fair manner.
    Publish the requirement (actual requirement) in company web site.
    Many hardworking and talented people are leaving the field because they got frustrated for unfair recruitment.
    In our country, aviation industry recruits people having reference or who can bribe for a job.
    Why not you recruiters go on campus or conduct an open interview.

    Sir, You will get talented people if you conduct written test and Oral exam by framing a panel of qualified personnel.

    How a candidate will get practical exposure without working experience. Reform your technical recruitment team.

    With regards,
    Aviation aspirant.
    Engineeing (Avionics)

  5. John
    April 27, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Dear Menon Sir,

    This is true talents are regularly going out of this country. But no airlines, MRO or govt is making any effort to stop them. There is very poor career progression in this field, very less salary of the mechanics/technicians who actually does the work, even no incentives or appreciation rathur one mistake can throw you out of the company. Above all these there is always politics in the whole system whether its recruitment or the work environment.

    I am giving the example of the oldest MRO of India, namely Air Works India Engg. The first criteria of recruitment in Airworks is that one should be a Malayalam guy, secondly a south indian can be considered, thirdly a referred guy(referred by Mr Raghu Menon or Mr Sahoo Menon or by some resourceful person in some company) is always good. fourthly comes the talent if any.

    These rules are not written but are followed. These rules are almost the same in every organisation in India. Mistakes are from the regulatory authority of this country as well, because they have given approval to so many Institutes in India where there is no prospective job opportunities are available.

    No one wants to leave his country to work in a foreign land. Its always true at the end of the day money matters, which a talented experienced guy wont get in India even though work load is almost the same.

    best regards

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