SIA recruiting cadet pilots from India

Pilots used to be a much sought-after profession in Singapore, but it appears that Singaporeans are ’shunning’ the job as well which prompted Singapore Airlines (SIA) to put up a job advertisement in India to recruit and train Indian nationals to become SIA pilots.
According to an amused netizen who tipped us off on the news, he saw the SIA ad on the Times of India in April seeking specifically ‘Citizens of India’ as SIA cadet pilots:
Besides the usual physical attributes, prospective candidates must have at least 5 Credits in the GCE ‘O’ level and to possess a good command of English.
SIA will sponsor successful candidates to acquire an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence at Pilot Training Schools in Singapore and overseas after which they will be bonded for a period of seven years.
It is puzzling that SIA did not open the job to young Singaporeans many of whom are more than qualified to become its cadet pilots and have to incur extra expenses by putting up job advertisements in India.
Are Indian nationals better pilots than Singaporeans?
In all likelihood, they are probably preferred over Singaporeans due to lower pay. Furthermore, being foreigners, they are unlikely to demand much from SIA and will have lower bargaining rights.
24/06/11 Teamsek Review Emeritus

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  1. Hi
    I am murugesh from india i completed B.E Aeronautical woth 90% 2011 could u tell how to apply and where

  2. hey,i did my B.E Aeronautics and have 3 yrs of work experience in R&D in aerospace.I have also finished 120hrs of flying.Please tell how can i apply for cadet pilot course

  3. hey,i did my nautical science and working in shipping compang as navigating officer .Please tell how can i apply for cadet pilot course

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