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Celebrating Indian Civil Aviation News Reporting

Indian Aviation News Net is intended to be a gateway to Indian civil aviation news reports published in the Internet. It is also an attempt to keep track of day to day developments in this sector. Every day, the blog scans thousands of news sites and collects details of almost all reports that are related to Indian aviation scenario. Information gathered thus are then sorted in to different categories and then posted in the blog section (Aviation India) of the site. Only a few paragraphs or a gist of the news stories are reproduced, though. To read the full story, the readers can always go to the original news site (and we encourage to do so), a link to which (" To read the news in full ") is placed at the bottom of each story. The name of the site (from where the report was collected), the reporter's byline (if any), the name of the news agency (if it was an agency story) too are always given with the date of publication at the end of posts.

Along with the day’s aviation stories being showcased in Aviation India, the headlines of the stories sorted in to various categories will be seen in Indian Aviation News Net home page. By clicking the headlines, the reproduced stories in Aviation India can be reached.

How to use Indian Aviation News Net

The blog Aviation India is updated daily and you can see the day's posts in the home page itself. Previous days' stories can be brought up by clicking the "older" link at the bottom of the page. The day's posts are arranged in no particular order. But they are simultaneously sorted in to various categories.

The news menu links in the sidebar lead to the pages where the story links of each category are kept in descending order (Newest stories first).

News sections

To help the readers find stories very quick, the NEWS section is subdivided mainly in to eleven categories.

They are:

Airlines News, Airports, Careers, Crimes, Cargo, Foreign, Indian Aviation News In General, New Ventures, Safety, Seaplanes and Regional Connectivity (UDAN)

Airlines News

This category contains news about India's all Scheduled Airlines: AirAsia India, Air Carnival, Air Costa, Air Deccan, Air India, Air India Express, Air Odisha, Air Pegasus, GoAir, IndiGo Airlines, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Vistara and Zoom Air

Airlines Merged Into Other Airlines & Defunct Airlines

This section is all about airlines stopped operating: Kingfisher Airlines (2008 January to 2011 March), JetLite Airlines (2007 April to 2012 March), MDLR Airlines(2007 March 2011 April), Kingfisher Red (2008 January to 2011 March),Air India: International (2007 September to 2011 February), Air India: Domestic (2007 September to 2011 February), Air India: Regional (2007 September to 2011 February),Paramount Airways (2006 February to 2010 April),Jagson Airlines (2006 April 2009 July), Air India (Upto August 2007),Indian(Upto August 2007),Air Deccan (Upto December 2007),AirSahara (Upto April 2007),Indus Airways(Upto December 2007)


In this section all airport news are included. Sometimes news about airports abroad too could be found here.

Careers News

This independent section of Indian Aviation News Net is to provide useful information to people seeking an aviation job/career in India.


News stories that has something to do with Cargo airlines.


News strories on aviation related crimes are featured here

Drones, UAVS and Paragliders

All news stories on drones, UAVs, paragliders and even UFOs are included here


This sectiondeals with news stories on foreign airlines, foreign airports, foreign aviation firms and other happenings abroad that are related to Indian aviation.


This section contains all Indian aviation news of general nature. These could be reports on India's new aviation policy or news about the fluctuations in the price of ATF etc. Thus these obviously are not about any single airline.

New Ventures

All news about new ventures in Indian aviation and innovations that are related to Indian aviation can be found here.

Regional Connectivity (UDAN) News

All news on Regional airlines, regional air services, and regional airports that operate under the UDAN scheme can be accessed here


Safety section contains all news related to Indian Air Safety. Accident & incidents reports are also will be there.


The links in this section leads to stories on seaplanes, the new entrant to Indian aviation scenario.


The archives of Indian Aviation News Net is a vast section that points to more than 77,000 news stories published from 2006 in the internet by a host of news sites. The links will first lead to the posts reproduced in Aviation India and from there the readers can reach the respective news sites. The archiving also is being done based on the above categories.


All the sites in the Indian Aviation News Net can be searched using the customized Google search box provided in each of the sites. The search results will include that from all the sites.

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