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Ligare flysims puts the first elite helicopter simulator in india to work

The first Elite Simulation Solutions helicopter simulator in India is now at work to help teach students to fly the machines.
The Elite S723 FNPT II is being operated by Ligare Flysims at its facility in Andheri, Mumbai. With a huge and growing need for trained professionals, Ligare Flysims has in recent years taken a number of steps to offer quality based training to people wanting to develop their aviation careers.
Ligare Flysims says that it is expensive for Indian professional helicopter pilots and aspirants to go abroad to train, that the simulator is helping reduce costs and downtime for students using it and that, with this simulator and other equipment, their facility has the latest technology aids to be able to offer a truly world class training experience. Courses meeting international standards are developed by Ligare Flysim’s helicopter examiners and Elite’s experts.
Sandeep Bhatt, a director of Ligare Flysims, said:“Indian aviation has seen many challenges. With the Government’s involvement, Indian aviation evaluates new business models and joint investments to help establish long term goals. We are committed to make India the preferred choice for development and training. ”
“We are delighted to have set up a DGCA (India Directorate General of Civil Aviation) approved Eurocopter AS350B Squirrel helicopter simulator, which is upgradeable to the AS355 Twin Squirrel. It has full autopilot capability with flight director and navigation coupling to GPS and VOR, airport scenery, off shore oil rig platforms, RealView and wind and cloud layers. It can be used for PPL(H), CPL(H), ATPL(H), IFR and IR training including emergencies, systems training, refresher training and tasks including autorotation exercises and instrument manoeuvres.”
Ligare Flysims has appointed Group Captain Kaushik Pathak as A2 instructor and simulator instructor.
He said: “Our tailor-made courses use the Elite simulator system, which is user friendly and easy to operate. The visuals and GPS database are realistic and the depiction of aircraft instruments and Com/Nav panels are accurate and directly relate to aircraft. The control input response is representative of actual flying.”
Ligare Flysim is part of the wide ranging Indian business group Ligare Voyages, with headquarters in New Delhi.
The sale of the Elite S723 FNPT II was handled by Elite’s authorised dealer for India, SRK Aviacom (I) Pvt Ltd, of New Delhi, who have previously placed a number of Elite simulators in India for fixed-wing training.


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