Air India recruitment: Tata-owned airline receives 73,750 job applications for Cabin Crew, Pilots in two months

Tata-owned Air India, which has begun growth plans, announced on Thursday that in the past two months, it has received more than 1,752 applications for pilots and 72,000 applications for cabin crew. In less than a week, management postgraduates with three years of experience in ground-based business roles have submitted more than 25,000 applications to the loss-making carrier that Tata Group acquired in January of this year. Additionally, the airline has received over 2,000 applications for various professions, including developers, architects, cyber security experts, programme managers, and UX visual designers, at a new tech centre in Kerala.
According to a release, the carrier, which had not been recruited in non-operations areas for more than 15 years, is quickly adding talent in all spheres of its business, including for commercial functions, business support services, and operations.
“The airline’s aggressive expansion plan, which has already seen 17 long-grounded aircraft return to the skies with 12 more to follow, and the lease-in of 30 narrow- and wide-body aircraft over the next 12 months, also necessitates a significant expansion in the flying crew,” it said.
As part of augmenting its talent pool, Air India said more than 1,752 applications for pilots and 72,000 applications for cabin crew received in the last two months are in the process of assessment.
Air India’s Chief Human Resources Officer Suresh Dutt Tripathi said an entire generation of workforce has missed the opportunity to work for Air India due to limited recruitment over the years.
“Our talent acquisition initiative is focused on identifying and recruiting the right talent in order to ensure that our human resource capabilities keep pace with the growth momentum and evolving needs of the organisation. The induction of new generation talent is also essential to bring about cultural change that will make Air India an employer of choice,” he added.
20/10/22 Zee News

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