Jet Airways is hiring! Airline in search of engineers, managers, other professionals

Jet Airways, which is looking at a revival and will start its operations soon, is looking to hire people. The carrier, in a series of tweets on Thursday, said that it is looking to hire engineers, airport managers, security in-charges, quality assurance manager and technical officer, among several other hiring positions available.
The tweet read: ““Join us in creating history! We are looking for exceptional professionals to join our Engineering team. Send your CV to to apply.”

Last month, Jet Airways CEO Sanjv Kapoor said the company is in the final stages of firming up the plans and will reveal other details soon. Kapoor tweeted, “For all those asking about our aircraft and network plans: as I keep saying, we are not sitting idle. We are in the final stages of firming up the plans, and will reveal details soon. This is a marathon, not a sprint, good things come to those who wait.”

Earlier this month, the airline had appointed Srihari Venugopal as Vice President of Network Planning and Tanay Palshetkar as Assistant Vice President of Pricing and Revenue Management. Both of them report to the airline’s CEO Sanjiv Kapoor. Besides them, several industry veterans, including Prabh Sharan Singh, HR Jagannath, Mark Turner and Vishesh Khanna joined Jet Airways in May this year.
21/07/22 Business

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