Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Aashritha V Olety becomes India’s 1st woman flight test engineer

Bengaluru: Squadron Leader Aashritha V Olety has scripted history by becoming the first woman flight test engineer in the country, breaching what until last year was the Indian Air Force’s men-only club. Standing tall in a male dominated profession, Aashritha is truly inspiring every little girl who dreams of joining the forces some day.
Aashritha, who hails from Kollegal in Chamarajanagar district has graduated as part of the 43rd Flight Test Course after completing a one-year course at the pilot school. She recently graduated from the Air Force Test Pilots Schoolwhich is part of the ASTE, a premier unit of the Indian Air Forces.
Aashritha V Olety
This degree is said to be most difficult and challenging but she has passed out with flying colours. There are only about 275 graduates to ever clear this course ever since the course in 1973.
Aashritha has become the first female officer in the history of IAF to ever clear this course after strenuous training. Reportedly, The Indian Navy has the maximum percentage of women in its workforce among the three services at 6.5%.The percentage of women in the Army and the Indian Air Force is 0.56% and 1.08% respectively.
24/05/21 Shreya/One India

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