Worried about putting family at risk, says Gujarat pilot who ferries essential cargo

Mumbai: “In this time of crisis, I realise that I have a responsibility towards my country and organisation. I step out of my house every day with a firm resolve to serve the people in need. And my father is my biggest inspiration. He has been a police officer and I have seen him work throughout his life without any fear.” says Namrata Keen, a young pilot working for private carrier Spicejet.

Namrata, a Captain on Boeing 737 aircraft and currently flying a freighter aircraft, has commandeered 85 flights in the past three months, both domestic and international. A resident of Vadodara and operating out of New Delhi, this young pilot is a perfect example of how people engaged in essential services are standing firm in the line of duty without any fear.

Namrata told India Today, “I am happy that I have this lifetime opportunity to serve my fellow Indians. The biggest concern, however, is when I return home. I always feel that I shouldn’t be the reason for putting the lives of my family members at risk. And so, the safety of your family is one thing that always is on your mind.”

“I am lucky that my family has been very understanding. They realise that these are difficult times and we have a duty to perform. I would say that my family has always motivated me and never pulled me back. I am thankful for their support.” Adds Namrata.

As doctors, nurses, and policemen, the airline crew has also been working tirelessly on the frontline. Passenger flights have been suspended but the airlines have been utilising their aircraft for transporting essential cargo.

Arun Kashyap, VP and Head of Engineering Business Spicejet said that the carrier has flown over 450 cargo flights carrying over 3,500 tonnes of cargo the world over.
24/04/20 Pankaj Upadhyay/India Today

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