Restructuring Life After Job Loss in Aviation

New Delhi: If there was one innovation that made the world so tiny that you could have your breakfast in New York, lunch in London and dinner a thousand miles away it is “Flying.”

It truly changed the way we lived until about a month ago and everything was grounded. Aviation is one of the few industries requiring a massive cash infusion and yet runs on slimmest margins. The biggest victim of COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly Airlines across the globe.

A renowned consulting group has also predicted that most Airlines globally will go bankrupt by May. Even the biggest Airlines in the world are looking up to the Governments hopefully. Without government support, many won”t be able to reinstate soon if they ever will.

What does it mean for the workforce?

COVID-19 has been spreading its heatwaves in over 194 countries already brining life to the state of inertia. Undoubtedly there is no bigger loss than the loss of life, but those who are fortunate enough to stay safe from the virus, have a bigger challenge to face.

The world”s biggest financial agencies are predicting a bigger recession than what the world saw in 2008. The catastrophe is far from over, at least financial in months to come. Especially in Aviation, where people are being laid off in large numbers. While the virus did not give us a chance to prepare for the catastrophe, fortunately, we still can plan our lives for the near future.
28/04/20 IANS/Outlook

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