Global Training Aviation unveil the new Boeing B737NG flight simulator, developed by Indra

Madrid: Global Training Aviation (GTA), a company associated with Indra and specialized in the provision of aviation pilot and cabin crew training services, has officially opened today its new state-of-the-art (Level D) B737 flight simulator, which is ready for training. The Boeing B737 is one of the best-selling commercial aircrafts worldwide, and it is widely used by top airlines.
The simulator has been developed by Indra, which holds a 35.07% stake in GTA and that may take control of GTA in the future.
The opening ceremony of the new GTA simulator has been headed by Fernando Abril-Martorell, President of Indra, who carried out the inaugural flight with Fernando Gómez Pérez, President and founding partner of GTA. The simulator is located in the GTA facilities in Madrid, along with two other ATR model simulators (ATR 72-500 and ATR 72-600) also state-of-the-art Level D.
The Level D certification of the simulator, the highest score available, means that one hour of simulation on it is equal to one hour of real flight time for training purposes. The system replicates the behavior of the aircraft with complete realism.
On it, pilots can train to deal with situations impossible to replicate in the sky, such as engine failure or an emergency landing. They also practice landings at any airport in the world, in all kinds of weather conditions.
This simulator is the company’s sixth FFS and the first replicating the Boeing B737 model. GTA also has 2 ATR level D simulators (ATR 72-500 and ATR 72-600) of Avions de Transport Régional (ATR) and 3
simulators of the Airbus A320 model at its headquarters in Madrid (2010), Indonesia (2015) and Colombia (2019). Full Flight Simulators, FFS or full-range simulators, are those that fully replicate the operating environment.
With GTA, Indra has consolidated its aerial simulation offer, strengthening itself as one of the few companies in the world capable of designing and developing the most advanced civil and military simulators, with more than 300 simulators delivered to more than 50 customers in more than 20 countries.
Indra, with GTA, has also taken important steps to take advantage of the high growth potential of the civil aviation training services market, following the new trends in the civil aviation training market, which exceeds 4 billion dollars and presents high growth potential, linked to the evolution of air traffic and the sale of new
aircraft, and also to the recurring and continuing nature of the required pilot training. Additionally, new digital technologies in fields such as virtual reality or Artificial Intelligence will open even more attractive horizons and exponential growth in simulation technologies.
With this deal, GTA has managed to win Indra’s backing, a company with strong global presence, offices in 46 countries and lines of business in more than 140, which facilitates its international growth. In this regard, Press release
GTA already covers training in Asia, Europe and now also Latin America through its facilities in Indonesia, Spain and Colombia, all of them equipped with Indra simulators.
In the last two years, GTA has doubled the amount of simulators and expanded its lines of business in highgrowth regions, its sales have doubled from 2015 to 2018, its profits have grown throughout this period and it has had a solid cash flow generation.
Global Training Aviation ( is a company associated with Indra, leading in the aeronautical training sector and specialized in providing training services for aviation pilots and cabin crew. GTA’s education and training offering meets to the needs of airlines and professionals in the sector by renting flight simulators; packaged courses that include theoretical classes, simulator and flight hours; and the flight simulator rental with instructor. Furthermore, it offers advisory services to the departments of instruction, flight attendants and cabin crew selection and tailor-made training.
Its philosophy is based on the most innovative teaching methodologies, the standardization of its training and the use of state-of-the-art simulation systems, thus achieving a sound training that values theory and practice equally. GTA has head offices on 3 continents (Spain, Indonesia and Colombia) equipped with 6 state-ofthe-art Full Flight Simulators: an Eca Faros Flight & Maintenance Training Equipment simulator (A320 and B737NG), a FNPT II (MCC) from the A320 delivery model and a CEET A320, Cabin Emergency Evacuation Training simulator for cabin crew training.

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