Jet Airways employees: Who is hiring how many?

New Delhi: The shutting down of Jet Airways has left over 16,000 people, including 1,350 pilots, jobless, thereby putting them in a huge financial crunch. While other domestic as well as international airlines have hired some Jet Airways employees, it is still a small chunk of those who were employed the debt-ridden company. Let’s take a look at the number of Jet employees absorbed by other players in the aviation sector so far.

Budget airline SpiceJet Ltd said that it has already absorbed over 500 Jet Airways employees, including 100 pilots, and is open to induct more. SpiceJet Chairman Ajay Singh said the airline has absorbed nearly 1,000 Jet Airways employees and will continue to hire more. SpiceJet is giving ‘first preference’ to Jet Airways employees in recruitment,said Singh.

Premium carrier Vistara is hiring around 500–100 pilots and 400 cabin crew–mostly from the grounded Jet Airways. ‘Vistara, which is likely to begin international operations soon, is in the process of inducting 100 pilots besides 400 cabin crew. Most of the new workforce is expected to come from the grounded carrier Jet,’ reported PTI.

Air India Express has also inducted around 25 commanders from the grounded airline’s and plans to induct 20-25 more pilots. Its parent Air India has been discussing an internal proposal to lease five of the 10 Boeing 777s of Jet to expand its international footprint.

However, the pilot union of Air India-Indian Pilots’ Guild (IPG) has urged the management to hire just Boeing 777 (B-777) rated co-pilots on contractual basis instead of hiring costly captains, as it will be a brutal waste of money. According to reports, Jet Airways pilots have been asked to take salary cuts of 25-30 per cent, while engineers have been settling at 50 per cent of their current pay.

According to media reports, around 100 Jet pilots have applied for jobs in overseas companies like Qatar Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, others.
01/04/19 Business Today

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