Indians holding foreign CPL to get local flying permit easily

New Delhi: Indians holding a foreign commercial pilot’s licence (CPL) would soon find it easier to get a flying permit in the country.

Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has decided to amend the existing clause in the Aircraft Rules to simplify the process.

The rule requires a person seeking Indian flying permit to have satisfactorily completed training as a pilot of an aeroplane within a period of five years immediately preceding the date of application.

“The DGCA is in the final stages of amending the rule under Section J of Schedule II in the Aircraft Rules, 1937. This will remove flying experience requirement in the preceding five years for issuance of a CPL,” a reliable source told IANS.

The move is aimed at allowing Indian citizens with foreign CPL in other countries to get a licence here.

A senior commander said that the proposed relaxation would help everyone as the current rule is very restrictive. Further, it will be aligned with the rules of other countries.
Many Indians go to the US, Canada and New Zealand for pilot training as courses are shorter there and in many cases flying experience is better due to clear weather.
28/05/19 IANS/Business Standard

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