Indian aviation sector faces tremendous shortage of pilots; can hit pace of growth

New Delhi: Aviation sector in India is on a roll as it is seeing massive growth year-on-year. Considering the growth in the sector, airlines like Indigo and SpiceJet have placed orders for as many as 1,000 planes, which will be added to their fleet gradually. These planes will be delivered till 2030.

Government’s UDAN “Regional Connectivity Scheme” is also playing an important role in the growth of the sector. It has this objective: “Let the common citizen of the country fly”. But this fleet growth is also pointing towards a significant problem that the Indian carriers will have to face in the times to come. The problem is related to a shortage of pilots.

According to a CAPA study, at least 250 more commanders will be required in the aviation sector by end of this year. Over the next year or so, as many as 1,000 pilots may be needed to fly new aircraft as they are added to the operations.
“Pilot shortage is a global phenomenon and it is an exceptional demand in countries like India, China, Indonesia, Middle East. The demand for pilots, especially the commanders, is significant and is linked to the exceptional growth. I feel, there is a shortage of 250 commanders in India at present, which may go up if we fail in addressing the problem,” says Kapil Kaul, CEO, CAPA.
10/08/18 ZeeBiz

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