First Naga lady pilot, Roveinai Poumai from Manipur feted

Imphal: She is flying high, she is reaching for the sky – these are not just mere phrases but they are actually true for Roveinai Poumai, the first Naga lady pilot.

In a ‘thanks giving’ programme organised at Poumai Baptist Church in Senapati, Rovienai Paotei gave credits for her success to God and her parents.

Rovienai also shared her initial struggle citing an instance that during her preparation for the final examination in Australia she learnt of her father’s health condition which was serious. She said, though it disturbed immensely on her preparation for the examination the “testing and trying times” did not last long.

Roveinai Poumai is the first Naga lady pilot hailing from Poumai-Naga tribe in Manipur and currently employed with Jet Airways.
19/10/17 North East Today

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