This Is Roveinai Poumai, The First Naga Lady Pilot From Manipur Who’s Making Everyone Proud

Poveinai Poumai has become the first Naga lady pilot from Manipur. It is a moment of extreme gratification for the people of Nagaland to have one of their daughters reaching for the skies and making India proud.
Poumai has pierced through the weave of a strict, patriarchal Naga society and accomplished what girls from similar backgrounds often dream of.
Hailing from the Poumai-Naga tribe in Manipur, the pilot has been employed with Jet Airways. She is the daughter of PD Sele Of Purul Rosofil, Sanapati district, as reported by The North East Today.
Poumai graduated from Basiar Aviation College in New South Wales, Australia, where she studied the Commercial Pilot Course. She has now become the first woman from her community to have earned a pilot license.
23/08/17 Anjali Bisara/India

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