Considering a Future in Aerospace? Here’s what you should know

Mumbai: Arijit Ghosh, President, Honeywell Aerospace, India, tells us there is tremendous scope for careers in the aerospace industry in India. “The growth of the domestic and international economy naturally boosts the aerospace sector. Optimism about the sector’s growth also stems from the growth of air passenger traffic by 20% this year, after being limited to single-digit growth for several years.

“The size of our country demands a robust civil aviation system. Secondly, the need for effective defence systems will require in-country production of aviation defence systems. No country can be perpetually dependent on imports. As potential in these sectors is yet to be realized, tremendous opportunity exists. It will be crucial for the government and the Ministry of Human Resource Development to focus on developing an entire learning ecosystem around aeronautics to ensure the ‘Make in India’ campaign is successful long term. Companies too need to take more initiative in offering training programs that will boost the capabilities of domestic employees and suppliers”.
22-year-old Bangalorian, HV Vivek who has a B. Tech in Aerospace Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras believes, “Aerospace is a nascent industry but it is growing rapidly. More Indian companies are coming up and multinationals are setting up shop here. The Indian space program is also maturing. If you’re interested in research, most top-tier colleges (IITs) are involved in cutting-edge research. DRDO, HAL, ISRO also provide research avenues. There are also exciting opportunities abroad that promise diverse and cutting-edge research”.
22/09/15 Averil Nunes/Daily News & Analysis

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