Era of women aviators

The Aviation boom in the country has lead more and more women pilots flying high. The cockpit is no longer just a man’s privilege as more and more women pilots take to the skies, their careers are certainly set to take off. The number of commercial women pilots in Indian skies has soared in the last few years.
Three years ago there were just 50 women pilots, today the number is 200 and its expected to reach 400 by the end of next year. Air Deccan has the highest number of female pilots at 40. Jet Airways has 25, Kingfisher has 15. Experts say the boom is because of a change in mindsets.
Smriti Bhat, First Officer, Air Deccan says, “Like any profession its also very demanding, you always have to be ahead of your aircraft. Lives of 180 passengers depend on you, but its a very exciting job and more women should get in to it.”
13/12/06 Times

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