Friday, February 09, 2007

Bangalore: It’s not just the airfares that are getting cheaper. With a price tag of as low as Rs 10 lakh, now even owning an aircraft is not a very expensive proposition.
And with the aspiration of Indians flying high, it is such lifestyle products that they are seeking. That is what Germany’s light aircraft marker Ikarus found out at the Aero India show. It’s microlight aircraft C42B, priced at Rs 25 lakh (ex-Germany), which was demonstrated, received a flood of inquiries from CEOs, VPs and pilots.
Promoter of Bangalore-based light aircraft producer Albatross Flying System Javed Hassan says such a trend is on the rise.
But owning an aircraft is not a simple affair. It needs maintenance, parking bays and a microlite pilot license (MPL) to fly it. You also need to get clearances from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which takes over a month.
And what is the cost of running them? Hemangi Aviation and Tourism Services Limited COO Vibhooti Singh Deora says with an average mileage of 10 litres (ATF) per hour, it is more economical than some of the cars.
08/02/07 Praveena Sharma/Daily News & Analysis

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