Thursday, February 08, 2007

Raytheon Company will have a major presence at the 2007 Aero India trade show in Bangalore, India, Feb. 7 - 11. As a global technology leader, Raytheon offers a variety of products and services to meet India's military and commercial needs.
"Our portfolio is broad, and it fits nicely with India's long-term plans for updating its defense capabilities," said Walt Doran, Asia regional executive for Raytheon International, Inc. "India is a key emerging market for us in Asia, and we believe our advanced technology capabilities can be tailored to support India's unique needs over the coming years."According to Doran, a long-term partnership approach in India with private and public-sector companies would be preferable to a buyer-seller relationship.
During the Aero India show, Raytheon will display a number of products and services. Raytheon representatives will also provide information about the company's desire to build a long-term relationship with India through Raytheon's commitment to Mission Support, Mission Assurance and customer focus.Visitors to the Raytheon booth during Aero India will find a number of products on display including:AMRAAM ,AIM-9M,Paveway,JSOW, Maverick.HARM,AESA,Patriotc,SL-AMRAAM, AMHS
08/02/07 (press release), Switzerland


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