Friday, February 02, 2007

New Delhi: US-based defence and aerospace major Raytheon is betting big on India. The company is looking at entering into technology partnership with Indian companies for production of defence equipment here.
The company will display the latest weapon technologies in the forthcoming Aero India Show in Bangalore, including technology solutions that integrate advanced sensor and weapon systems for multi-role fighter aircraft. On display this year will be AMRAAM Missiles, Patriot System, AESA radar capabilities, and SL-AMRAAM air defence system.
Walter F Doran, president of Raytheon Asia for Raytheon International told ET that the group is adopting a long-term partnership approach in India with both private and public-sector companies. “We want to go beyond the buyer-seller relationship,” he added. India is Raytheon’s largest overseas growth market.
02/02/07 Economic Times

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