Monday, February 12, 2007

Bangalore: India is set to spend $ 35 billion on military aviation over the next 20 years as most of its existing fleet needs to be replaced sooner or later. This will put Pakistan at a strategic disadvantage with the country finding it difficult to get sellers to maintain the military balance with India.
Two different reports, released at Aero India show, clearly indicate that buyers, may they be Russian, American or European, were flocking to offer the best in military technology to India and there was immense competition for the Indian Air Force's 126 fighter-jet order, besides other aircraft, to replace an ageing Indian fleet.
In a direct contrast, the reports say, the range of fourth-generation fighter jets being offered to India is not on offer to Pakistan indicating India's rise as a superpower in the region.
According to a report by Mr Gulshan Luthra and Air Marshal Ashok Goel (retd), published in the latest issue of the India Strategic Defence magazine, most of the IAF's planes, including the MIG-21, 23,25 and 27, besides the Jaguars or Mirage 2000, and the IL-76 and AN-32 transport aircraft are either due for replacement or upgradation.
It says after Rajiv Gandhi, there was a paralysis in the acquisition process triggered by a spate of inquiries which blocked even the normal process of replacing outdated equipment.
This is a costly mistake, it says, adding the IAF has only been able to acquire the Sukhoi 30MKI which is presently its mainstay to deliver key missiles.
Another report, which has compared the acquisitions India is likely to go through vis a vis Pakistan, says Pakistan will find it nearly impossible to maintain the military balance in the region. The study, conducted by US-based think-tank Strategic Forecasting Inc (Stratfor), says the Aero India expo is “a reminder of India’s continuing rise as a military power”.
The report says India’s plan to spend $ 30 billion on defence purchases in its eleventh plan was causing concern to Pakistan as this amount was almost half of the country’s GDP.Even if Pakistan can acquire new F-16s from the US, it will help maintain the military balance only for now, it notes. It says the Chinese J-10 fighters can be a substitute “but not quite as good in terms of technology, sensors or accompanying armaments”.
IANS adds: India will be spending a massive $35 billion on military aviation over the next 20-25 years for the simple reason that most of the existing aircraft need replacement sooner or later and there is also a requirement for more aircraft with newer technology.
11/02/07 Jangveer Singh/The Tribune

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