Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bangalore: As major contenders for a multi billion aircraft order by the Air Force, the Americans were out in full force at the air show in Bangalore.
Giving company to all the hi tech fire power were the leading guns of the Indian industry who could well be future partners for many international defence majors planning to enter India.
The Russians were unwilling to leave their turf so easily. Even the Swedes jumped into the fray, making this edition of Aero India the largest in terms of foreign participation.
But that has not taken the shine out of India's own aerospace giant, HAL. The Indian government's insistence on 30 per cent offset clause will not only generate huge business for PSU giants but also create a new opportunity for corporate India.
07/02/07 Sunanda Jayseelan, Arijit Banerjee/


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