Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bangalore: For the first time, pilots in Aero India will hold classes for students. Schools in Yehlahanka have been invited for the sessions involving pilots who would take the class just after coming out of the cockpit.
"The idea to let students interact with pilots is new. We plan to have 200 students every day during the interactive session," Kumar said.
After performing aerobatics, the pilots will go to designated halls and take questions from students and explain them basics of flying, how pilots train and what it takes to become a pilot.
"The IAF has an arrangement with the education department, and the latter will bring the students. We want students to take interest in science. Young minds will be easily fascinated by pilots and aircraft," Kumar explained.
According to him, most students want to become pilots but there should be right conditions in place to help them become pilots.
11/02/09 Times of India

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