Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bangalore: After its recent success in selling its Milan-2T anti-tank guided missiles to the Indian Army, France-based MBDA is hoping to co-develop a short range surface-to-air missile (SR-SAM) with India.
"We are discussing the development of missiles with Indian agencies in this regard and are hoping for a positive outcome," MBDA spokesperson Mati Hindrekus told PTI at Aero India here.
DRDO had issued a global Request for Proposal (RFP) last year for developing a SR-SAM with range of over 15 kilometres.
If successful, MBDA would co-develop the new missile and launcher, "marrying" technology and capabilities of the European company and the DRDO, he said.Hindrekus said BDL would be the prime contractor and produce and integrate the weapon system. The choice of radar would be an Indian one, he said, adding that the missile would have range of over 15 kilometres.
MBDA is involved in the modernisation of the Indian Mirage 2000 fleet, which will upgrade the fighter's capabilities to fire the infrared and electromagnetic versions of the Mica air-to-air missile.
15/02/09 PTI/The Hindu

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Friday, February 13, 2009

The "Aero India 2009" trade show in Bangalore is the occasion for Turbomeca to report the successful maiden flight of the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Dhruv helicopter. Featuring two Ardiden 1-H1 series production engines, this flight took place on January 12 at the HAL Helicopter Division, Bangalore, India.
The Ardiden 1H1 engine, to be certified in India under the name "Shakti", demonstrated excellent aeromechanical behavior during this maiden flight, confirming its performance capabilities in demanding flight conditions at altitude on the Leh base in north India. The Ardiden 1H1 has been designed to carry out the most demanding missions at altitude and in hot and cold weather. Developed in cooperation with HAL as part of an industrial partnership agreement signed in February 2003, this engine combines simplicity, state-of-the-art technology, robustness and modernity, and all for a significantly lower cost of ownership in comparison to its competitors.
The Dhruv has a take-off weight of 5,500 kg and will initially equip the Indian Armed forces. Under the February 2003 agreement, several hundred engines are to be produced over the next 10 years.
The Indian Ministry of Defence has ordered 159 Dhruv helicopters to date.
13/02/09 World Aeronautical Press Agency/Avionews

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Mumbai: Pune figures in the list of six cities from where orders have been placed for Dassault Falcon 7Xm, one of the best selling business jets. The plane would be displayed at Aero India-2009 and six aircrafts would be delivered within the next three months in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.
Dassault has the highest market share in the premium business, large cabin jet segment in India. To support this growing fleet, Falcon Customer Service recently relocated Falcon's Customer Service Manager for India, Aadil Goulamaly, to Mumbai, following the opening of a new spares distribution centre in Mumbai in mid 2008.
2008 was a strong year for Falcon sales despite the global economic downturn. The order totalled 500 aircrafts, almost half of them for the Falcon 7X.
12/02/09 Sakaaltimes

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bangalore: France is ready to transfer technology of its surface-to-air missile to Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India so that this country can build its own version, French Minister of State for Defence Jean-Marie Bockel said today.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of air show, Aero India 2009, he said the offer is currently under discussions with Indian authorities.
On the absence of Rafale, made by France's Dassault Aviation, one of the contenders for India's 126 fighter jets contract, from the show, he said Rafale is on display back in France and is available for those who want to test it.
"All the Rafale that could have been sent to India for this air show...Are presently in (combat) operation in Afghanistan", he said.
"Rafale will be present at all stages of evaluation (in India in its bid for the contract) and we believe it's the best plane available", Bockel said.
12/01/09 Press Trust of India

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Bangalore: World's major jet manufacturer, Dassault Falcon, will exhibit at the Aero India 2009 exhibition, displaying a Falcon 7X, the best selling business jet which has won orders worldwide including six aircraft for delivery within the next three months in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.
Dassault has the highest market share in the premium business, large cabin jet segment in India, driven by new models with exceptional performance, comfort and fuel economy. To support this growing fleet, Falcon Customer Service recently relocated Falcon's Customer Service Manager for India, Aadil Goulamaly, to Mumbai, following the opening of a new spares distribution center in Mumbai in mid 2008.
Last year, 2008, was a strong year for Falcon sales despite the global economic downturn, which began to impact in the fourth quarter. The order book at the end of the year totaled 500 aircraft, almost half of which are for the Falcon 7X.
In June 2008, Dassault Falcon announced the opening of a spares distribution center in Mumbai, India. The Mumbai distribution center is managed by DHL. Through their bonded warehouse, DHL, in partnership with Team Aviation, is responsible for the import/export, shipping, receiving and transportation of Genuine Dassault Falcon Replacement Parts to operators from this warehouse.
To enhance support for customers in India, Dassault Falcon already has Authorized Service Centers located in Singapore and Dubai, while Indian service centers are currently being evaluated. Dassault’s presence in India also includes a liaison office in New Delhi. That office serves both the Indian Falcon operators and the Indian military fleet which includes 50 Mirage fighter jets.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Delhi: Even as it supports a French bid for an Indian Air Force tender for 126 combat jets, European aerospace major Thales is awaiting the IAF's final nod for upgrading its fleet of Mirage-2000 fighter bombers to enhance their strike capabilities and extend their operational life by at least 20 years.
"We have several significant priorities for India. In the short term the retrofit of the Mirage-2000 aircraft is clearly a strong request and we are working hard on it - Thales is leading this important programme along with its French and Indian industrial partners," Pierre-Yves Chaltiel, Thales' head of solutions for governments sector, told IANS.
"In the mid-term, we are also strongly supporting the Rafale aircraft along with Dassault and Snecma in the bid for India's MMRCA (medium multi-role combat aircraft) programme (for the 126 jets)," he added.
Chaltiel is in India for the Aero India-2009 international military air show at Bangalore Feb 11-15, during which Thales will be showcasing its capabilities in the spheres of military aviation, civil aviation, aviation services and security, air traffic management and defence.
Pointing out that the technical and programme issues relating to the Mirage-2000 upgrade "have been discussed and agreed (to)", Chaltiel said: "We have put everything in place with all our Indian industrial partners, through the transfer of knowledge and technology, for the Indian industry to be in full capacity during the execution phases of the programme."
While Thales was reluctant to state figures given a confidentiality clause, the project is believed to be worth $1.5 billion for upgrading the 51 Mirage-2000s in the IAF fleet to Dash-5 levels. This will give the jets multi-role capability with longer-range radars and fire-and-forget missiles, enabling less aircraft to perform a given mission thanks to greater fuel and weapon-delivery capacities.
09/02/09 IANS/Silicon India

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Delhi: With the government stating that the global meltdown had not affected the defence industry, the Indo-French joint venture Samtel-Thales is planning to put up two stalls at the upcoming Aero India Show in Bangalore to display its latest products in the avionics sector.
“We would have on display some of the latest avionics systems including automatic equipment testing, multi function display (MFD) and helmet mounted display (HMD) as also other equipment which would provide complete solution in the avionics sector,” director of Samtel Group, Mr Puneet Kaura, said.
With the Indian defence industry expected to touch almost $100 billion in the coming 10 to 15 years, he felt the market would grow rapidly and “there was need for bigger players from India to take up a larger share of this pie”. The display of avionics equipment at the Aeroshow is part of the exercise by the Samtel group to project itself as a leading manufacturer. The IAF would be beginning trials for 126 aircraft in April-May. “The defence industry is quite insulated and though it had been dominated by public sector undertakings over the last few years Indian private companies have been playing a pivotal role. I think this is good for the country,” Mr Kaura told The Statesman.
The Samtel group had in May 2008 launched a joint venture with the leading French company Thales with plans of making products which would make India part of the global supply chain for civil and military avionics. What has apparently buoyed the company is the government’s plans to speed up the process of defence acquisition. Mr Kaura said “our target is to get 35% of the total supplies specially in regard to avionics as this is an important area for the Indian Air Force which is in the process of modernisation.”
06/02/09 The Statesman

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