Thursday, February 12, 2009

Particularly after 2007, the activities related technology upgradations, modernizations and new inductions are taking place more rapidly than ever before In Indian Air Force. This is being achieved with the co-ordinated efforts of Indian and Foreign Aviation Industry with Defence Forces. Mr Fali H Major, Air Chief Marshal of Indiagave a detailed account of modernization process speaking to media on the second day of "Aero India 2009" which is being organized by Defence Exhibition Organisation (Ministry of Defence) in association with Confederation of Indian Industriy (CII).
"The environment around Indiacreated the need for making Indian Air Force more credible by resorting to rapid modernization. The 'Aero India 2009' mirrored the environment in the air as there are many technology platforms on display compared to the Aero India 2007," Air Chief explained. "This environment will drive Indian Aero Space Industry to prosper in the coming years," he added.
Air Chief outlined Air Power is not just the ability to fight or bomb some places, but it lies in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capacities, which are being improved on a continuous basis. In this regard, Indiais already using unmanned ultra light flying machines and efforts are going on to make their payloads as effective as possible.
" Though the declining number of fighting squadrons is an issue, there is no need to get alarmed, as the reason behind it is inducting newer technologies and fighting capabilities, which makes the ability more important than sheer numbers," Mr Fali H Major further stated. But coming to number, Indiawill achieve the Government authorized figure of 39 and half squadrons from the current level of 34 which may even decline a bit due to phasing out and modernizing operations. The reason for this is long gestation period required to acquire new radars, aircraft, or platforms, "Air Chief said.
Replying to questions on strategies post 26/11, Air Chief stated, there is no change in our strategies as we are prepared for all kinds of eventualities including the ones posed by such incidents at micro level. He said though there are gaps in covering entire country with radars, even now we can focus on even smaller places whenever we want.
"Currently, managing huge inventories is an issue due to the fact that we are using varied platforms, fighter planes and support system. When we bring this, hopefully in the next few years, we will use less than 4 or 5 main fighter planes and transport carriers, we can bring down the inventory levels and effectively manage it. "said Mr Fali H Major.
"Air Chief admitted that several unused air strips pose threat to country's security, but securing them is the responsibility of the respective state governments," he added.
12/02/09 PRESS RELEASE/Aero India

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