Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bangalore : The international Seminar, “Aerospace – perspectives and Trends in Technologies”, an important event for the scientific and Industrial community in India, was inaugurated in Bangalore today by Defence Minister Shri A.K Antony.
Speaking on the occasion said “Aerospace Industry is all set to take a quantum leap with the indigenous development of Light Combat Aircraft, Advanced Light Helicopter, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and various complex technologies. ISRO has done the nation proud by the perfectly engineered Mission to Moon. This Mission has catapulted India into a select and elite group of nations. We need to take these successes to an even higher level.”
"To achieve this objective we must make investments in Scientific Research and Development in aerospace. The current slowdown will not affect the Armed forces modernization plans. Our Defence planning has a two fold objective – modernization and indigenization. To achieve these objectives and to optimize transparency and fairness, the Indian Government came out with Offset Policy. The Policy is also aimed at enhancing our technical and manufacturing potential. It will help the collaborators to take advantage of the strengths of Indian Industry and R&D. The benefit from offset could be shared between public and private sector companies and it would encourage the growth of medium and small scale industries," he added.
Currently only 30% of the Defence requirement is met by domestic production. 70% is imported and this trend has to change fast. He promised all support to the DRDO labs to speed up the Design, Development and Delivery of products. Shri Antony appreciated the presence of Aeronautical Engineering students of various colleges at the seminar. Since youth hold the key to our future he suggested that they should be encouraged to interact with the professionals from across the globe.
“More than 850 participants have already registered for the seminar. 66 papers from 12 countries on various important aerospace topics are being presented in the seminar by experts” said Tamilmani, Chief Executive, Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification.
The main theme of the Seminar in 2009 will be ‘Aerospace – perspectives and Trends in Technologies’. The theme and sub themes have been so coceptualised as to provide for extensive interaction and flow of information across communities of scientists, designers, manufacturers, users, operators and academia forging a strong alliance for furtherance of the cause of aerospace.
10/02/09 Arjun/Machinist.in


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