Thursday, February 12, 2009

Olympic gold winner Abhinav Bindra is all set to fly high. Bindra will be flying in an F-16 at the Bangalore air show on Thursday and is quite excited at the prospect.
CNN-IBN: What are your preparations?
Abhinav Binmdra: I had an extensive medical examination on Tuesday, but after that nothing else.
CNN-IBN: Are you nervous? Will you be able to sleep tonight?
Abhinav Binmdra: I'm not nervous. And I generally sleep alright so I hope to have a peaceful night.
CNN-IBN: Have you done anything extreme like taking a ride in F-16?
Abhinav Binmdra: No not really. I did a few things prior to the Olympics. But this is absolutely different and I've never attempted to doa thing like this. It's something new for me, it's a new experience. I'm looking forward to it.
12/02/09 Abhir VP/CNN-IBN

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