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Diminishing Returns: Calculated Misery in Air Travel

Dr. Binoy Kampmark If there comes a point when people will decide not to fly, the issue may well be less to do with any moral or ethical issue with climate change than the fact that commercial flights have become atrocious. They are naked money-making concerns with diminishing returns on quality. The key factor that […]

Air India-Vistara near miss: Lack of aviation awareness triggers blame games

By OV Maxis Deputy General Manager (ATC) Airports Authority of India Going  through the reports of the February 7th Air India-Vistara air-prox incident, it can be seen that that the Area Controller at Mumbai had descended UK997, Delhi-Pune Vistara flight to 29000ft and had given permission to AI631 Delhi-Mumbai Air India flight  to climb only […]

Air India Express incident at Kochi airport: Blue lights could be the culprit

By Jacob K Philip An aviation hazard, known as “Sea of Blue Effect” combined with the fatigue of the cockpit crew could be the reason of the taxiway excursion by an Air India Express flight during the wee hours of 5th September at Kochi international airport. An analysis of the incident done with the help […]

Pilot’s attempt to land despite captain’s objection led to Flydubai crash?

By Jacob K Philip It could be an attempt by the first-officer to land at Rostov-on-Don itself  despite the objection of the captain that led to the crash of Flydubai flight981 at the airport  on 19th morning, this month. The transcription of the last minute of the two-hour long cockpit voice recorder points to this possibility alone. […]

Kozhikode airport clash: Investigation in gross violation of rules

By Jacob K Philip One week after Kozhikode airport, Kerala, has witnessed a war like confrontation between the CISF and the airport staff, the extremely alarming incident is now being investigated in total violation of the laws of the country. As per Indian Aircraft Act, it was the union civil aviation ministry, and not the […]

MH 370: Crash confirmed, the Answers to ‘How’ and ‘Why’ Still Hidden in the First Hours

Did the pilots try to land at three airports, one after another? By Jacob K Philip With the announcement made by Najiv Razak, the premier of Malaysia, that “flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean”, let us hope the prolonged suffering of the dear ones of the people aboard the flight would find a definite […]

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: The Plotted Path Could be All Wrong

The aircraft could have been flying towards Thailand; Accident is the most probable scenario By Jacob K Philip The actual path taken by the missing  Flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines after it disappeared from the civilian radar can be drastically different from the path now being considered to be that of the aircraft. Path 1 […]

Flight MH370 crashed in the forests of Peninsular Malaysia ?

 By Jacob K Philip The decision taken today to shift the main area of search to the west for the missing flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines may be the first major step in the right direction to solve the puzzle of the lost plane. Looking more intently at places other than South China Sea is […]

Clapping & whistling onboard: If charged, Kerala Strikers can get 1 year imprisonment

By Jacob K Philip The troubles of the 28 members of Kerala Strikers, the celebrity cricket team, who were deplaned at Kochi airport by the Commander of a Kochi-Hyderabad Indigo Airlines flight, are far from over. If the Indigo Airlines Commander is to follow proper procedure, there are every chances for all the Strikers to […]

Now anyone can bid for Air India Operations site

The operations website,, that Air India has been maintaining for the last 14 years is now down for 17 days. Reason: The national carrier could not renew the site before the date of expiry, 2013-11-15. The site, which was the only online source of  information regarding crew rostering, training schedule, advisories, announcements etc was […]