SpiceJet selects over dozen Naga youths in campus recruitment

Dimapur: Over a dozen trainees from Emporium Training and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. have been selected by SpiceJet airlines as cabin crews in a campus recruitment drive on Monday.
A team of human resource personnel β€” Akriti Vaid, Akshat Gupta, and Hazel Phillipes β€” from SpiceJet interviewed 103 trainees from the Emporium Training and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and 13 of them were selected to work with the SpiceJet airlines as cabin crews.

The selected candidates are expected to draw a salary between INR 60,000 and 70,000, including benefits after being formally inducted into the airlines.
Trainees at the Emporium Training and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. told Eastern Mirror that they learned so many things from the course offered by the institute.

β€œIt (course) is a very good opportunity because it is free course training. We learned how to present ourselves, how to work in a team, and how to use body language. It has been a great experience,” said Asheli Yepthomi, one of candidates selected by the airlines.
21/08/18 Eastern Mirror

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