Pvt Firms Owe Lakhs to Jakkur Airfield

March 23, 2015

Bengaluru: Several aviation companies have run up dues of over Rs 40 lakh in the form of landing fee and hanger fee to the state government-owned Jakkur Airfield in the city.

“Agni Aerosports Adventure Academy has to pay Rs 32 lakh, which includes hanger fee and landing fee. Similarly Ranjitpur Infrastructure Private Limited has dues of Rs 6.78 lakh, Crescent Air Cargo company is to yet clear landing fee of Rs 3.39 lakh, Obulapuram Mining Company has outstanding landing fee dues of Rs 81,000 and Religare Aviation is yet to clear landing fee dues of Rs 17,900,” stated Youth Services and Fisheries Minister K Abhaya Chandra, in a reply to a question from BJP’s Appachu Ranjan in the Legislative Assembly.
23/03/15 New Indian Express

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