Efforts to revive Assam Flying Club

August 18, 2013

Guwahati: The Assam Flying Club Revival Committee will soon approach chief minister TarunGogoi to reopen the Assam Flying Club (AFC) that is non-functional for many years.

The committee has decided to submit a proposal to Gogoi to authorize office bearers of AFC to get access to the property of the flying club located at LGBI Airport.
Set up in 1958, the club enjoyed the distinction of being the lone flying club of the NE region to issue private and commercial license to pilots. But it started facing hurdles in the early Nineties. In the last 10 years, the club has been hit by many problems. The two trainer aircraft – Cessna 152 and Pushpak MK-1 – are stationed at the club and are lying idle for almost 10 years now.
“Revival of AFC is a must to provide a platform to youngsters who want to take up aviation as a career option. Revival of AFC is crucial for boosting the aviation industry in the northeast,” said Bikrom Singha Lahkar, the general secretary of the committee.
14/08/13 Times of India

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