Jet to train Air India Express’ new crew

New Delhi: In the five months following the horrific Mangalore crash that left 160 people, including six crew, dead, Air India Express is witnessing a virtual exodus of its cabin crew. Nearly 50 airhostesses and flight stewards have quit since then, citing poor working conditions.
Now the international budget airline is facing such a staff crunch that it is planning to get new recruits trained by its main competitor – Jet Airways. Reason: State-run AI’s own training process, where this job could be done at no extra cost, takes four to six months whereas Jet has told the Maharaja’s poor cousin that it will do the same in 25 working days for a fee.
For its current fleet of 21 aircraft AI Express requires 440 cabin crew members and the airline has taken crew on contract since inception. The number has fallen in past five months and today there’s a shortage of 79 staffers . As a result, the airline barely manages to utilise 17 planes optimally.
Jet was shortlisted as it’s a DGCA-certified type rated training organisation for Boeing 737, the aircraft AI Express uses.
21/10/10 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India

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