Aviation staff shortage ahead

Mumbai: With the revival of the aviation sector, the next 10 years could see a three-fold increase in demand for skilled personnel.
The prediction by Global aviation consultancy Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) is based on the 15 per cent projected growth year on year for the aviation sector.
The demand may well see India facing a manpower shortage as early as 2012-13, the agency said.
“The total number of pilots, engineers and cabin crew (operational staff) is projected to grow from 32,000 last year to just over 90,000 by 2020,” CAPA said in a report called ‘Addressing the skill crisis in Indian Aviation’.
Assuming that the total workforce of private carriers is two times that of the operational staff (pilots, engineers and cabin crew), total employment in airlines would increase from 64,000 to 180,000, CAPA said.
The projections for the next 10 years are based on estimation that the domestic market would grow by more than four times from today.
Apart from airline jobs, more people would be employed with airports, air traffic control, ground handling, catering, retailers and security agencies.
23/04/10 Lalatendu Mishra/Hindustan Times

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