Dubai varsity to set up pilot training centre also

Mumbai: Dubai Aerospace University (DAU), the education and training arm of aviation major Dubai Aerospace Enterprises is targeting Indian students who are interested in careers in the entire aviation spectrum — from technicians and pilots to supervisors and managers in airlines, airports, aircraft and aviation service businesses and aerospace design, engineering and manufacturing.
Dubai Aerospace University President, George Ebbs said India was a major market for the university and the proposed pilot training academy would give hands-on training for Indian students. The university will be rolling out various financial assistance measures to Indian students.
The University’s recent research of the India commercial aviation market has shown that up to 1,500 aircraft are expected to be ordered in the next 20 years and passenger traffic is forecast to grow by nearly 10 per cent in the next decade. More than $2 billion of investment is planned to develop major airports in India.
So what are the employment opportunities for Indian students? “There is no placement agreement signed between airlines in India currently. But, Dubai Aerospace University students will have the opportunity of intern placements and employment in the other five divisions of Dubai Aerospace Enterprises–DAE Airport, DAE Engineering, DAE manufacturing, DAE services and DAE capital.”
15/02/07 PR Sanjai/Business Standard

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